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OT integration / intelligent operating room

Medikraft range of Intelligent Operating Room solutions refers to the ability to manage the various data modalities in an operating room, including video, audio, and digital images. These images need to be displayed, routed, archived and controlled while performing surgeries. The days of the paper chart are limited and no physical file can hold the amount of data that is and will be generated.

MEDIKRAFT® OR is designed to maximize control in the operating room and provide ease to surgeons & technicians. The handy hardware and sophisticated software, bundle together provide the ultimate hive of OR data activity. They are flexible, robust and fully compatible with virtually any medical camera source, imaging device, navigation equipment, robotic equipment.

MEDIKRAFT® iOR series offers unlimited possibilities for OR configurations from the level-1 vet sophisticated solution to advanced high-end configuration of iOR4.0 & fully scalable OR9.0 Pro OR models. All models are upto 4K ready. The HDMI2.0, 12GSDI, DVI, RGBHV support and video resolutions up to FHD, Ultra-HD, 3D & 4K including 2160p @ 60Hz makes iOR series of Operation Theatre Integration systems ready for the next generation medical imaging equipment, including 4K endoscopic cameras, navigation equipment, Hires Surgical microscopes & Robotic systems


  • Fully Scalable, customizable 4K 10G Video-over-IP Infrastructure

  • Available in all configurations: 4K, HD, 3D Video Routing and Recording

  • 27-58" UHD 4K Surgical MEDIKRAFT OR Displays Series.

  • Zero point of failure, there is no single matrix system, and Every Input Source has independent

  • Encoder and every Display or Recorder has an independent decoder

  • The complete system works on 10G fibre & CAT6A / 7 copper standard network. Distance is no limitation.

  • Two-Way Audio Video Enterprise Level Live Streaming and Video Conferencing

  • Interoperability between multiple OT ecosystems is a standard feature.

  • Multi-View of up to 9 simultaneous Sources/Operation Theatres comes as a standard feature.

  • Fully Uncompressed video signals till 4K (UHD) 2160P 60 is available as a standard feature.

  • Completely open architecture system. Zero dependencies on any manufacturer.

  • Compatible with all endoscopy video and imaging sources.

  • Facilitates peer-to-peer consultation, live surgical video training and procedure monitoring

Control and Command Series


Designed for the iOR 4k EMC/Series DEC (SDVOE, uncompressed 4K, 10 Gbps) AVolP encoders and decoders; the multicode management platform enables source content to be simply dragged and dropped onto displays and video walls via an intuitive on-screen interface.


Next Gen iOR Medical Display | 4K UHD Series

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