MEDIKRAFT Hospital Equipment and Projects help experts like Hospital Owners, Architects and Consultants,

by providing end to end solutions for the following Product Verticals

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MEDIKRAFT Hospital Furniture is one of the premium quality Patient Care Furniture Series that enjoys market share not only in India, but 57 other countries of the world.

MEDIKRAFT iOR, as we call it, is a fully integrated Modular Operating Room (OR), equipped with Modern Equipment for Broadcasting different types of Audio and Video inputs to different screens inside and away from the OR. Designed to the requirements, available space and yet adhering to all standards to make it infection free.

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MEDIKRAFT Pneumatic Tube System is a network of tubes with stations in different locations of a Hospital building to Transport Pathology Samples, Blood Bags, Medicines etc. with the help of Air Pressure

MEDIKRAFT Nurse Call System, is another critical service to have, which can save precious time for a patient, is NCS. To have a hassle free IP based NCS with a strong reporting system is important. We do complete Planning, Designing, Installation and After Sales service of the NCS.

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Kitchen of a Hospital is all about a good flow of Men and Material. A well designed kitchen can help Dieticians and Service staff in a hassle free delivery of the food to the Patients. With in-house Expertise to design Kitchens and Manufacturing of most of the Kitchen Equipment, plays a vital role in offering just the right solution for Hospitals from 100 - 2,000 beds.

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Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder (ISS) is a very compact and fully automated microprocessor based machine for sterilizing and shredding Bio Medical Waste in one chamber itself. The treatment cycle is 30mins in which the original volume is reduced by 80% and the 20% residual is unrecognizable waste which can be given to the municipal corporation as non-infectious waste. Operationally it is very easy to use and an ideal solution for a hospital.

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MEDIKRAFT Oxygen Gas Generator works on the principle of PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) which is a highly reliable process to obtain oxygen. It mainly consists of two adsorbers filled with Zeolite Molecular Sieves . A PLC Based system controls the function of the plant and provides 93% + 2% purity of Oxygen.

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MEDIKRAFT PWLCS is an ideal way to transfer soiled linen and solid waste(of any kind) from the source to a centralized collection inside or outside the building. A network of tubes (400mm/500mm) runs throughout the building both vertically and horizontally and also in public areas of the facility. Multiple buildings can be easily connected with this system reducing operation time and increasing efficiency and hygiene.

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MEDIKRAFT MGPS is a critical service of a Hospital which needs proper Planning, Designing and Installation. We have top of the line Indian and Imported components to suit the budget of the project.

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MEDIKRAFT CSSD of a Hospital has a major role play when it comes to infection control or hospital attained infection. Planning the layout and the right equipment is the key for an excellent CSSD. We take up Turnkey Designing, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Servicing of CSSD. We also have an In-house production of S.S. CSSD Furniture.

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A Hospital laundry receives all the linen material from different areas like ward, OT, OPD, and office area where they undergo the process of sorting, washing, extracting, drying, ironing, folding, mending and delivery. The OT linen materials need special care since it has to be washed & sterilized carefully.

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Nasonta is synonymous with High-Quality folding Steel Wheelchairs used for transferring patients within the Hospital Premises. Easy Ingress and Easy Egress makes Nasonta the most friendly wheelchair for both the Patients and the Attendants.

Special Bariatric models can be provided on demand.